Federal Employees

We are your Federal Employee Advisors, helping you optimize your federal benefits!

Federal employees have one of the best overall employee benefits packages available.  The Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) features many benefits, including a pension, thrift savings plan (TSP), health insurance (FEHB), group life insurance (FEGLI), long-term care protection, disability retirement, sick leave, vacation time off as well as many others.  Understanding all of the benefits can be difficult, even for a seasoned employee.  That’s where we come in and help.

We have worked with many different government unions and associations to provide information to the employees that want some guidance.  We can teach you strategies that aim to maximize your pension, survivor benefits, TSP, insurances, vacation and sick leave, etc.  We provide a federal employee benefits analysis that is specific to each individual employee.  With a current LES (leave and earnings statement) and a current TSP (thrift savings plan) statement, we can help bring some clarity to your future retirement picture.

The beginning of knowing your retirement picture is knowing what you have, need and want.  The more knowledge you gain, the more focused your retirement picture becomes for you and your family.  Everyone ends up somewhere.  Will you end up the place you want to be?

  • How can you fill the gaps of your federal benefits now and in retirement?
  • What benefits are becoming a hindrance to achieving your financial goals?
  • What assets and insurances will you need to achieve your desired retirement?
  • How can you optimize the pension program and focus on improving your retirement?
  • What else works with the federal benefits for your overall retirement picture?
  • Can you generate more retirement income?
  • How does the federal health insurance fit in your retirement?
  • How to protect your assets and what’s important to you?
  • We will help answer all of these questions and any others that you have.
  • Get your financial journey started today!

If you are a federal employee in one of the older retirement systems, we can help you as well.  We work with employees under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), FERS-OFFSET and FERS Transfers.